About Me


I'm doing this page because I'm feeling a bit bored right now. It will probably remain a static page, so references to my age will not increment. In my opinion this is a good thing and the concept should be applied to reality. Anyway, if you are feeling bored like I am and want something to pass a few minutes, please read on.

Who I am

I'm Steve Crook, nice to meet you. I'm 36 years old (26-Jan-2004) and I live in a small town called Tavistock which is in Devon, one of the very Southern counties of the United Kingdom. It's on that sticking out bit at the bottom left of the map if you want to check it out, quite close to Plymouth. It's a beautiful part of the country and my house is on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park where I love to go walking, especially when something has gone wrong and I want to be alone with my thoughts for a while.

What I do

I reckon that's a really tough question to answer. Try asking it to yourself and you will see what I mean. Just goes to show how easy it is to let life pass you by if you don't keep an eye on it. In terms of work, I'm employed as a Technical Architect. Roughly speaking, that means I design computer solutions. I work for a big American company whose name I'd rather not state for professional reasons. This concludes the description of the wasted part of life, let it never be said that I advocate working for pleasure. If you can afford not to, don't do it, that's my advice. Before moving on, please note that my work takes me away from home quite a lot. If I don't answer your Email for a few days, I'm probably somewhere else. Wait until after the weekend and then flame me for not replying.


For pleasure, I have a couple of pastimes. I love playing pool and I'm quite good at it for a guy from the country. I got good at it by spending most evenings in pubs which of course involved quite a lot of drinking beer, something else I'm pretty good at. Unfortunately times move on and despite still loving pool, I can't tolerate pubs in quite the same way. The average age in pubs stays the same, whilst I get older and it depresses me to be looked upon as a fatherly sort of figure. Thankfully the pool team I play for in the Cornish Arms consists of a great bunch of guys and we are in second place in the local Tamar Valley Pool League at this moment.

When not playing pool and drinking, I'm often to be found sat in my office in front of a computer. Currently I have five of them in here which means the heating can be switched off in this room. It also means my electricity bill is quite shocking. Lets be quite clear on something; I don't play computer games. I'm crap at them and can never remember all the keys I have to push to make Bob the Builder jump in the air, or whatever. My passion with computers is really to provide services to other people through them. If you have read any of the other pages on this website, then you will probably have some knowledge of those services. In short, I'm a strong believer in personal privacy on the Internet and most of my services are related to providing it. Before I forget, it's customary to have a nickname on the Internet rather than using ones proper name. I go under the nickname of Zax, I have absolutely no idea where that name comes from but it dates back to when I played Space Invaders as a kid and could only enter three letters in the high-score tables.

In addition to sitting on my arse in front of a computer and sitting on my arse in a pub, I also sit on my arse on a motorbike. This is something I've had a facination with for years, but only plucked up the courage to take the test in 2001. It was undoubtedly the most nerve-racking thing I have done in years, probably since I took my car test at the age of 18. Lets face it, driving examiners are scary people! I will never be a great bike rider, but I still love the feeling of power that comes with it. Call me a speed freak if you like, but until you ride a big bike, you have no idea how it makes you tremble with exhilaration. Those reading who own a motorbike, you are probably grinning around now.

One hobby I get off my arse for is music. I love going to see live bands, although my tastes in music make this tricky as most of the bands I enjoy have long since broken up. Still, there are some very good tribute bands around and it's great to hear the old classic rock sounds still being kept alive. My favourites are probably Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and ACDC, although I enjoy nearly all the old 70's rock bands. I also spent a while working for a sound and light company that supplied many of the big bands, I think this aided my love of live events.

Lastly, my other hobby at the moment is going to the gym. I was into this in a big way about 12 months ago and then other commitments (read: girlfriend related activities) got me out of the habit. The result is that I've piled on weight and find tasks such as tying my shoelaces to be strenuous. Anyway, I'm back into the gym now and hopefully will regain some degree of fitness over the coming weeks. If things improve, I'll post some new photos to my Photo Album. Until then you'll have to make do with the existing ones which are all a bit out of date.


Well that's about it for now, seems that I don't do very much in life at all! Hope you enjoyed reading it, and I hope I can find the time and inclination to expand on this page a little in the future. If you found your way here because of one of the services I deliver, please drop me an Email and tell me so, thanks for a service are the best incentive to keep providing it. Besides I like reading Emails so long as you're not a viagra salesman.